The New Heaven Sword And The Dragon Sabre

I found a box of Chinese wusha (martial arts) TV melodramas on VHS, including "The New Heaven Sword And The Dragon Sabre." It's the same genre as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon-- period piece where people in drapey clothes fly through the bamboo forests and over pagodas. But since TV melodramas are low budget, you can actually see the stunt strings when they're flying. 

My parents weren't addicted to soaps and mahjong like most Chinese parents. But they casually partook. 

When I was growing up, Chinese who didn't live near a Chinese video store would rent them on their weekly grocery and dim sum trip to Alhambra. We usually went on Sundays. It was the day to stock up on all things from the Motherland (or island).

"The New Heaven Sword And The Dragon Sabre" tapes are a decade and a half overdue. Apologies to Chiao Sheng Video of Santa Ana.


Anonymous said...

I am curious if the video store is still around. If they would laugh at the tapes or get pissed and charge you a phenomenal fee.

Raina Lee said...

I wonder if like the library, video stores have a "no questions asked" week where you can surrender your grossly overdue rentals without a fee. I really hope so.

I just found a five year old Netflix rental also. I'm scared.

Ari said...

Netflix lets you keep a few and they dont' have due dates....I can't find the video store after googling it. I think you're safe on both accounts.

Raina Lee said...

Ari, I cancelled my Netflix account 5 years ago because I knew I'd probably lose DVDs (in the garage). Thank heaven for streaming video.

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