Asian Goonies Never Say Die

I was in love with Data from The Goonies. My god, he invented the Pinchers of Peril and Slick Shoes! Also, there weren't any other non-dorky Asians to crush on so he was the obvious choice. My weekly ritual was watching a recording of The Goonies I had taped off TV. I'd switch between that and Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, where he played Indy's Cantonese cursing sidekick. Then I'd play the Goonies 2 Nintendo game. You can tell I'm one of those people at revival screenings who shouts every line of the film.

A college friend was family friends with the actor Ke Huy Quan and lent me her autographed photos. I suppose they're on permanent loan since I haven't given them back. The backstory is Ke (or Jonathan as he goes by now) is ethnic Chinese from Vietnam, and grew up in Alhambra. I'm glad he's one of the only FOB character actors who made Asians look badass.

I tried to stalk him when he was going to USC film school but was unsuccessful at securing a date. I am also disappointed with myself that I didn't make it to The Goonies reunion earlier this year.   

In perfect stalker form, I have photos of him at a pool party with my friend Lyn (to the right of Ke). 


lshih003 said...

Looks like he's setting booty traps....in your heart <3

Raina Lee said...

I already fell into his booty trap! only the pinchers of peril can save me now.

lynn said...

this definitely beats my wil wheaton autographed polaroid

Raina Lee said...

Lynn, were you part of "Wil Power," the Wil Wheaton fanclub? You can tell me!

I also want to know if you ever run into Data in Asian American actors circles! Please say yes!

Fred said...

Hi Raina, I just found your post. Amazing pics !! Where did you get them ?! I met him 2 years ago and he was VERY nice ! You can see a video I did here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkkDcIkiUXw

I run a french website about the Goonies. Can I use the pics on the blog ? (www.goonies1632.com > blog)

I'm also in production of a serie of documentaries about 80s movies, you can see the teaser here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD3OlaIHlLs

Let me know for the pics on my email please : angelseyth [@] gmail [.] com

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