Mini Skirt Dresses My Grandmother Made For My Mother, 1975

A box of Wearever cookware contains a trove of dresses. The post-it reads, "mini skirt dress fx [sic] (my mother) made for me, 1975." 

Is "Fx" suppose to be "fix" as in fix these dresses? "Mother" in parenthesis is either a mistake or my mother wanting to emphasize her mother.

My mother was heartbroken when her mother died so I'm not surprise she wanted to keep these things, even if they were outdated minidresses that no longer fit her.

Here what's inside the box.

A burst of color and a red silk flower. Dresses she wore when she was young.  


pam said...

love all of them :) that's an awesome find!

黃愛玲 said...

You have a lovely blog. =o)

Raina Lee said...

thanks pam, except all the dresses was too small to wear! Gonna have to give them to a tiny person!

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