You need this Giant Chiang Kai-Shek Coin Paperweight

Just got back from Taiwan, visiting relatives, gorging on street food and such. We have a lot of Taiwan-Chinese crap at home so it's not surprising to find this giant Chiang Kai-Shek paperweight. Chiang Kai-Shek is known to be the founder of the Nationalist party and former ruler (dictator?) of Taiwan, who basically declared that Taiwan was the real deal Republic of China once Mao kicked his regime out of mainland.

Whether you think Taiwan is a real country or just a stray appendage of China (not getting into fiery debates here) you can't ignore the blingyness of this badass coin.


Lightbug said...

Raina, you know that I am willing to pay some good $ for this kind of stuff... And he wasn't kicked out by Mao either. He was betrayed by his own generals who received high positions in the PRC government. But that's the true story no one likes to repeat.

Raina Lee said...

I'm totally willing to post all sides of the CKS story here, I'm not purporting to be an expert. My Taiwanese side of the family probably has quite a different take! Thanks for clarifying. Check back when I post this on eBay. Thanks again!

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