Christmas Prezzies in May

It might be the middle of May but it was Christmas in the Garage today. I found three wrapped gifts! You could say it’s Christmas in the garage everyday since I never know what awaits me. But I was especially excited that they were in Christmas paper. It was a good excuse to start singing "All I Want For Christmas" by Mariah Carey, my number one karaoke song.

What treasures lay inside? I tore open the snowflake seal of gift number one:

The Dior fragrance collection, circa 1988! This set includes Poison, Dune, Miss Dior, and Tendre Poison-- the French, more sensual Poison perhaps. Such cute little bottles. I should have a tiny vanity, tiny hairbrush, and tiny mirror to go with these. It would be great set up if I were the size of an American Girl doll. 

Gift number two has a note in printed Chinese. It probably says, “Thank you for opening your account at Cathay Bank,” from the looks of the unremarkable Parker pen.

Number three was tall and heavy, so it felt expensive! I had hoped for too much. It was drugstore Brut cologne, pour homme. Could have used some Drakkar Noir instead. Roar!

Thank you Infinite Garage for the mid-year Christmas fun!


lshih003 said...

Dibs on the BRUT!!!

Raina Lee said...

ok but are you going to trade me for the halston jacket you took from the garage? we should just have an early 80s fashion show with cologne, halston, and bally shoes. i think i can even dig up some early versace shirts.

Unknown said...

This is amazing. Your garage is amazing.

Raina Lee said...

thanks guys! i still need to check out your show before it comes down tomorrow! wait, is it tomorrow?

Parisa said...

omg Dune! - that's good stuff, yo!
xo p

Raina Lee said...

p, i haven't sniffed it yet...you know i'm allergic to perfume but having those bottles around makes me feel like such a lady!

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