The Incidental Money

In a very safe place I found a packet of cash. I was about to transfer the cash into my wallet when I saw a curious note from my mother.

"Dear Raina, Don't use this cash. These cash is antie (antique?) dollar can sell more value than its face value."

Good thing she told me because I was going to buy an iced latte and do some damage at Forever 21. Under her message was a sticker listing the amounts of European currency the envelope was once contained. Francs, Marks, Sterling, and Lire. 

I took out the $42 in USD. Nothing unusual except the $2 bill and some dollars with gibberish typed on them. Lines of XXXXXs and MMMMMMMs and stamped in caps, "ENCORE INCIDENTALS TAX EXEMPT." 

What makes these ones tax exempt and what kind of incidentals (lattes and Forever 21 purchases)? Why vandalize the money? I did some Googling on combinations of the words tax exempt antique money but not much came up. I wish my mom had written me an explanation. 


Anonymous said...

I have nothing to contribute, except I'm thinking her spelling might be: "antic" instead of "antie"?

Make sense? I still love your mom.

Dik Pose said...

Time to go on the antique road show!!!!!

hk said...

this gave me an excuse to procrastinate at work. maybe its a 1950s B series $20 bill? there seems to be a lot of questions on how much its worth and generally it said only face value but i did find this - http://www.musclecars.net/parts/1950-B-20-Dollar-bill-For-Sale_130485149050.html

Raina Lee said...

Maybe I'll take this money to the bank and see what they say. Or the Antiques Roadshow! No clues on ebay.

Helen, thanks for your procrastinating/ detective work. Hmm it does say "B" on the 20. Btw it's awesome that your link is from musclecars.com

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like some little kid got into an adult's desk and was having fun with some stampers and a typewriter.

There's $44 in money there by the way.

Andrew Hsieh said...

Looks like cash used for incidental charges at Encore Las Vegas. Or at least, that's what I imagine. As for the tax exempt part ... yeah, I have no idea. Maybe incidental charges are tax exempt?

Parisa said...

i love you.
xo p

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