Post-Garage Sale Clearance Day

Last night I had a nightmare that Salvation Army wouldn't come today. It was probably triggered by the cable guy not showing up last month. I felt like I was crazy because maybe I never called the cable company to set up DVR in the first place. Hmm. When you hang out by yourself too much, you start to doubt everything you do. You wonder they were all phantom conversations or lucid dreams.

But SA's Harley (in the baseball cap) and helper came to haul off the remains of the Infinite Garage Sale. They took twenty-five large boxes, a vacuum cleaner, and three ceramic lamps.

"What's a jade pillow for?" Harley asked. He told me he had been sleeping on magnets to increase circulation but have never heard of the jade pillow phenomenon. I said it was similar and something old Chinese people believe in.

Sheepishly I had to ask if this was a normal pick up or if I had more stuff than he'd ever seen. 

"Nope, I do this all the time. Most people have more stuff than you!"

This fact was hard to stomach but was also a relief.


vsoy said...

So does that mean the garage is empty now? I'm in a similar situation but my mom is not dead but I have all her stuff in my house and I am having a hard time facing it. I've enjoyed reading your blog and admire your strength.

Raina Lee said...

It's not empty by any means, it's just emptier! I'm sorry you have to live with your mom's stuff. It's too hard to change a mom. Maybe if she see's this blog she will get scared into getting rid of things. A cautionary tale! Thanks for writing!

Lijay said...

WOW!!!! Slowly things are disappearing! Is there any part of you that kinda, maybe, a little bit wishes you had it back???

Karen said...

fantastic job!!! so do u want any of it back?? :)

Raina Lee said...

You guys are trying to out me as a hoarder! No I don't want it back! Actually I only sold the crappy stuff, i still have lots of the good stuff.

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