Theme Sweaters

So the Ring Sweater was just an introduction. My mom had a shitload of sweaters. I surmise that growing up in Taiwan sweaters were either expensive or highly sought after. I can't find an explanation for why we have more sweaters more than any other article of clothing. It's odd considering we live in a place where T-shirt weather prevails even in winter. Now that I think of it, Taiwan is hot and humid all year round so I don't know why she'd grow up wanting sweaters. 

Being the collector, my mom was beyond your average cardis and crewnecks. She liked theme sweaters, especially holiday ones. While her collection is no Gem Sweater museum, it's still a little nutty.

"Urban Christmas" is one of my favorites. 

Here's a panda pocket because that's where pandas belong. 

A Fly Girl worthy bolero.

I wear the Anne Klein II lion when I'm feeling ferocious. He's made of angora, wool, and lurex.

When the family visits for the holidays, they like to wear the sweaters as much as they can. Haven't seen these sweaters in a while so I can only assume they liked them a little to much.


Parisa said...

please make sure allie will see this post.
your Enid doll is showing.
xo p

Luna said...

I see them and want to model them ALL!

Raina Lee said...

p, enid is peeking through! She is a sweater girl too.

allie you are the ultimate sweater model. when are you coming to CA so I can drape the sequin and angora lions on you?

lshih003 said...

Waiting for my chance at stardom, one step at a time. I will be bigger than ken jeong!

Raina Lee said...

lijay that mean you have to get kidnapped naked and end up on someone's trunk. and then do kung fu! i'll see if that can happen on my blog.

Sara Kazemi said...

love it. Urban Christmas is great

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