Ask and you shall receive

Looking for something in particular? A Cold War era desk globe, the left (yellow) leg of Voltron, or folding Porsche Design sunglasses? Please ask away. I might just have what you need.

I received my first request yesterday.
Q: Do you have any old school culinary artifacts that would look cool in a bakery? I'm opening up one up this year and am looking to decorate. 
- Bread Lady of Glendale, CA
A: Well, Bread Lady you're in luck. We didn't bake but my parents owned a pizza restaurant in the 80s. I have a 3-feet tall whisk if you are mixing supersized batches. I hope you are making giant French macaroons, preferably pistachio. I'll post a photo of the whisk for the grand opening of the Infinite Garage eBay store. 
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